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Refuse Incineration Plant KVA III, Basel

Construction of a Refuse Incineration Plant for the Waste Management of the Region Basel/ Freiburg/ Elsass

REDAG Regionale Entsorgung Dreiländereck AG, Basel


Senator-Scope of Services
Project Controlling
  • Scheduling
  • Cost Control (Comparison with Budget, Purchase Orders, Contracts, Invoices, extra work
  • Project Status and Cost Trend Reporting
  • Check Change Requests and Cost Control
Project Description
Construction of Building and Installation of 2 Incineration Trains with Kiln Technology
  • Capacity at 12,6 MJ/ kg: 13 t/ h x train
  • Power Generation: = total 7,6 MW
  • Power supply for IWB: 3,4 MW
  • Flue Gas Purification:
    3-section Electro Static Filter catalytic NOx – Removal Wet Scrubber
  • Stack Height: 110 m
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